Why Perennial

Going independent can be overwhelming.

Here’s Why Advisors are Choosing Perennial

Here at Perennial we offer advisors some of the highest payout’s in the industry, but don’t cut corners on service, support and technology. Additionally, we provide advisors with the freedom to work autonomously, collaboratively independent or as part of a branch office.

At the heart of our philosophy is that you know your practice better than we ever will. So if you have a vision of joining a turnkey establishment without reinventing the wheel, or have a desire to create your own brand, we can help guide you to creating the practice of your dreams.

Regardless of whether you choose to work under the Perennial name or create your own, we still offer technological support and innovation, investment and portfolio insights, all while providing you the regulatory and compliance backing without having to hire a third party or pay out of pocket.

Some of the support that you can expect.

Turnkey Model Portfolios

We offer a unique advantage: multiple model portfolios updated on a quarterly basis, all included in our standard service package at no additional cost to you. These model portfolios are crafted and customized by a dedicated team of CFA’s in partnership with BlackRock, reflecting the latest market trends and insights.

Strategic and Tactical Updates

By providing regular updates, we ensure that your investment strategies remain aligned with your clients’ goals. Offloading the burden of monitoring the markets, creating, and maintaining portfolios allows you to focus on what truly matters: serving your clients and growing your practice.

Compliance Support

We understand the importance of compliance in the ever-evolving financial landscape. That’s why we have an in-house Chief Compliance Officer dedicated to addressing any compliance-related questions or concerns you may have. With their guidance, you can navigate regulatory requirements with confidence.

Marketing Support

We provide comprehensive marketing support tailored to the needs of our advisors. This includes quarterly 'Marketing Mastermind Meetings' led by our Chief Marketing Officer. For advisors utilizing the Perennial DBA, we offer turnkey, automated social media posts, newsletters, and website exposure. Affiliated advisors with their own DBA benefit from discounted website development services and access to discounted outsourced CMO solutions.

Multi-Custodial Access

For our Hybrid and RIA-only advisors, we offer multi-custodial support through both LPL Financial and Fidelity, providing advisors with flexibility and choice in custodial services. Being multi-custodial offers several benefits, including access to a wider range of investment options, enhanced client service capabilities, and the ability to tailor solutions to meet specific client needs. Additionally, it reduces dependency on a single custodian, mitigating risk and ensuring continuity of service.

Technology Support and Innovation

We recognize the paramount importance of cutting-edge technology and innovation in today's rapidly evolving landscape. With an in-house Chief Technology Officer (CTO) leading the charge, we are committed to staying ahead of the technological curve and continuously enhancing our value proposition. Through strategic investments and a focus on innovation, we ensure that our advisors have access to the latest tools and solutions to thrive in today's digital age.

Streamlined Practice Management

Step 01
Step 01

We’re dedicated to fostering growth and success for our advisors. That’s why we host our Achieving Practice Excellence (APEX), an Annual Branch Summit, providing a platform for advisor collaboration, in-depth discussions on practice efficiencies, streamlining growth and industry trends.

Step 02
Step 02

We understand the pivotal role technology plays in today’s financial industry. That’s why we have an in-house Chief Technology Officer focused on building on our ever-evolving tech stack and ready to assist with technology integration and advancement.

Step 03
Step 03

For those who choose to brand under the Perennial DBA, we offer a comprehensive suite of support services. This includes website inclusion, automated social media marketing and automated email newsletters. We’ll also provide guidance via legal counsel regarding trade marketing, discounted website consulting and development, along with competitively priced rates​ for your personalized letterhead and business cards.

Step 04
Step 04

To keep our advisors informed and engaged, we host bi-weekly morning meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month. These meetings feature industry experts with outside perspective while providing a forum for collaboration and professional development, further empowering our advisors to thrive in their practices.

Step 03
Step 03

We also recognize that independence is invaluable. If you prefer to chart your own course and pursue your vision solo, we fully support that too. By providing the infrastructure, tech support, and direction with compliance​, it’s all about providing you with the flexibility to build the career that’s right for you.

Build the Practice You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Whether you choose to collaborate with your peers or focus on your work on your own, one thing remains constant- our unwavering commitment to supporting you every step of the way. You have the freedom to define your success and pursue the best possible outcomes for your clients. 

Join Perennial Financial Services and experience the support, resources, and community you need to achieve the independence you’ve always desired without going at it alone.

It is such a privilege for me to be associated with Perennial.  I vividly remember my first meeting with John Petrick.  I mentioned to him that it being my third career, I have a small book of business.  His response was ‘It is not the size of your book that we care about, if you are happy with it then we are happy for you.  What we care about is that you always do what is right for your clients.’  It perfectly aligns with my values.”

Shirley Tan

I appreciate that the managing partners truly value the culture of the company for inclusiveness and teamwork while still encouraging you to thrive and grow within your own skill set.”

Susan Della Penna