Transitioning With Us

Are You Ready for Your Career to Take Flight?

Our Process

Ready to break free from the constraints of the wirehouses, banks, and large corporations? Is your “independent” custodian not so independent after all? We get it. The limitations imposed by these institutions can feel stifling, leaving you craving more freedom or control over your practice.

With the founding partners still actively practicing advisors, we don’t sit in an ivory tower pretending to understand your plight, we’ve walked in your shoes. We know the challenges of balancing business needs with maintaining your practice’s integrity, all while worrying about client retention during a transition.

But here’s the good news: we’ve successfully made the leap to independence, as have dozens of others affiliated with our firm, and we’re here to help you do the same. Let us guide you through the process, alleviate your concerns, and empower you to take control of your future- professionally and financially.

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a brighter, more fulfilling path forward with Perennial Financial Services.

Why Leave Where You’re At?


Does the brand under which you’re presently operating fail to embody your vision?

As an independent advisor, your brand is vital in conveying your vision and values to clients and the community. Whether you adopt the Perennial name or create your own brand, it's customizable to reflect your beliefs authentically.


Do you oppose sales quotas as well as selling unnecessary or proprietary products to clients who rely on your trust and integrity?

At Perennial, trust and integrity are paramount. We offer no proprietary products and never compromise your ability to act in your client's best interest. We uphold the fiduciary standard, always prioritizing your clients' needs above all else.


Are you exhausted from being dependent on your custodian to allow you the freedom to fuel growth?

We understand the challenges of dependency and the desire for autonomy in growing your business. Our goal is simple: to facilitate your growth by removing barriers and streamlining processes, so you can reach your full potential as an independent advisor.


Could you stand to benefit from an enhanced support system and likeminded peer network to help you grow and work towards attaining your business objectives?

At Perennial, we value collaboration and support for independent advisors like you. We believe in fostering a culture where you can thrive within a network of like-minded individuals. Our aim is to provide the support and resources necessary for you to achieve your business objectives.


Do you desire ownership in what you’ve created and the autonomy to focus on what’s allowed you to be most successful?

At Perennial, you have true ownership and autonomy as an independent advisor. Your clients are yours, and you can build your business without constraints. Your hard work and commitment are reflected in everything you create and all future growth.


Do you have limitations in the technology and tools provided by your current firm that hinder your ability to serve clients effectively?

We prioritize technology in finance, with our in-house Chief Technology Officer driving innovation. From website enhancements to automated marketing, we offer comprehensive solutions. Plus, benefit from legal counsel and discounted printing rates for branding needs.

Transitioning to independence can be a daunting prospect for many advisors, as it involves navigating a multitude of details, uncertainties about timelines, and concerns about potential interruptions to revenue streams.

At Perennial Financial Services, we understand these challenges and are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to make the transition as smooth and seamless as possible. With our extensive industry experience and close working relationships with key partners such as LPL Financial, major custodians, leading technology providers, and other professional service partners, we have the expertise and resources to guide you and your team through every step of the process.

“Perennial is always at the forefront of new services and technologies.”

Nik Redmond

Perennial was fantastic from day one in helping us navigate the transition to hybrid RIA. They simplified an otherwise stressful and complicated process. They are responsive, strategic and incredible to work with.

David Aronovitch